Helping White People Talk Faithfully about Racism

I read this book in one sitting-with a few breaks for meals and snacks. Admittedly, this book is not designed to be read this way, and the author goes out of her way to insist that this book is best read and understood in community. …

We have to look at ourselves exactly for who and what we are

It is a temptation when we see someone who spews vitriol about migrants and claims to be a Christian to then say (perhaps a little self-righteously) “Well, they aren’t really Christian.”

Same for those who would keep the poor in their poverty, the hungry without their food, the sick in…

What passes for Christian discipleship in America is often neither.

Back in olden days before you could be admitted to church membership you had to go through a stage of being a “learner.” You were taught the basics of the faith as regards to doctrine and practice.

Then you’d be allowed to join the church by means of your initial…

I had to read this slowly, thoughtfully, with many pauses and breaks.

There have been books I’ve read through in one sitting, sometimes because they are so fast paced that they demand my continued attention until I am done. Sometimes it’s over a few days.

But this book . …

Evangelicals are showing you who they are.

I wrote this almost exactly a year ago. It’s time to say it again.

“I’m on a diet and lifestyle change to lose weight. I have broad guidelines, but narrow choices. Among those choices are that I exercise more and eat less, and when I eat, I avoid starch-heavy, fat-heavy…

Faith does not need dominance

I guess I have to say it again.

Recently I’ve seen some posts on social media from folks and from groups who are expressing their fear that Christians and the Christian faith are somehow under “attack” and the precious truths of the Christian religion are being erased, forgotten, or even…

How we see Jesus is how we obey Jesus

So a local church sent out letters to their parishioners about how to file for a religious exemption for vaccinations. This is the church that went to court (with other churches) to stop the government from applying health protocols to larger gatherings.

I can understand that some people might not…

We choose to be frightened of imaginary threats

Photo by Bob Price from Pexels

Critical Race Theory (CRT) is the newest bogeyman, useful to rile people up. Most of the opponents are reacting viscerally to something that isn’t CRT at all.

CRT is about systems, not individuals. Systems are developed as shortcuts for lengthy processes so that we don’t spend all our time trying…

Don’t be surprised when you find what you are looking for

I have friends who ask me “But what can I do as a white person to fight racism?”

I will answer with a story and then a question. First, the story. Note, however, that I’m raised and discipled as a Christian, so my stories come from the life of Jesus.

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